NodeJs Wrapper Module for Tinder's API

After discovering Tinder's private API's, I wanted to document everything I found. What better way than to write a nodejs module that would wrap those API calls into something simple and easy to use? The nodejs module can be found here: The intent was… »

Charles Proxy - Discovering Tinder's (Private) API

API calls are generally easy to discover, especially if you use web inspector tools like chrome's built in devtools when interacting with html pages. But what if what you're trying to see what is embedded inside a native app? I was fascinated with how Tinder, the iPhone app, was trasmitting… »

Baking Bread - A New Adventure

I love driving stick shift. I love tinkering with my bicycle. And I love sharpening my kitchen knives on a whetstone. There's a certain gratification I get when working with my hands and getting physically involved in the process. It gives me an intimate connection with the world and the… »

Why I work in Tech

I really like just learning new things and solving problems. One of the things I like about technology is that I can just learn anything from anywhere and apply that knowledge to new problems and solve it. I love working on puzzles and solving new problems. It helps me think… »

TDD For Fun

Writing tests is important. Though, there's a difference between writing tests first and writing tests afterwards to cover your bases. Over the weekend, I decided to approach a simple tic-tac-toe game written in ruby via TDD. What I've found was that TDD requires a new mentality where I must first… »