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Why I work in Tech

I really like just learning new things and solving problems. One of the things I like about technology is that I can just learn anything from anywhere and apply that knowledge to new problems and solve it. I love working on puzzles and solving new problems. It helps me think of new ways to approach a problem. I think everything in life is very similar. Nothing is ever the same, so we always have to find ways and learn skills to approach something new. There’s not a secret answer, and there’s no one right solution to everything. I wish I learned earlier that life is all a big experiment and a collection of experiences. We go through life so we can learn and grow and live a fuller life.

The reason why I want to be a software engineer is that I can craft new solutions to our age old problems. Sometimes people don’t really think about the troubles they’re having in their everyday life. Sometimes, people have problems, but it’s such a hassle to go find a solution for it .Or maybe there isn’t any solutions out there. I want to be the guy that says, hey, here’s the problem, here’s how we can make it better for you. I think, by solving these little problems, we can make life much better for everyone.

There’s always a drive in me that says, yes, I can do it. Sometimes it’s by taking non traditional routes, much like how I learn programming. I’ve become more self reliant on what I can do and what I can achieve. Of course, everything takes time, and you can’t become a master right away, but that’s the joy in life. Learning little details or solving these little bugs that drives you insane. But when you solve it, it’s like a big sigh of relief and a feel of accomplishment. I want to keep developing new solutions to our everyday life. It brings me joy to see that people benefit from the work I do. I think it’s one way that I can make this world a better place than when I found it.