Python - Multiple Inheritance, Closures, and Decorators

Why use python? It’s a great all purpose scripting language. Run on any Linux/Unix by default. Easy to set up and run pretty much anywhere. Interactive shell. Thanks to dynamic typing and concise language, it’s extremely fast to iterate on something new. Tons of utility libraries. Multiple… »

Mapping SQL Entities with Java Hibernate/JPA

In learning and working with Java Hibernate/JPA in mapping sql entities, I found it initially confusing as to how some data types can be mapped while others requiring special workarounds. For starters, SQL array types are considered custom, and not supported directly. Java 8 java.time LocalDate and LocalDateTime… »

What I see - A Chrome Extension to Share Web Pages

Sometimes, you read an awesome article online and want to share it with you friend, so you send her the URL of the page, only to get the response "It's behind a paywall". Or maybe you're logged into some web application and you want to show your friend what the… »

Bookmarklet - The Future of Front-End Debugging

A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that, instead of linking to a different web page, would run javascript on the current page instead. Why is this important? Working in a SaaS company, we support every one of our clients to get integrated with our software, which… »

Database Indexing with B-Tree

A database can be thought of as a table, where each row is an entry, and each column is a field of that entry. When you want to find something in that table, naturally, you would look through each row and check the attributes to see if that's what you're… »