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About Me

My name is Hung Tran, I'm a programmer, and I love to solve problems in software. Some require strong algorithms to allow feasibility, while others benefit from tactful examination of the process.
To be proficient in coming up with novel solutions, it's necessary to continue learning and challenging myself with new ideas. And so, in my spare time, I enjoy working on new algorithms, design patterns, and reading blogs that peer into the minds of others and of myself.

I've always found blogs to be useful, and so I've read (and still read) many. Blogs ranging from technology to art to human relationships have all enriched my life. And so it is my hope that by documenting the things I learn as I progress through my career, it will be of use to you and others who are seeking such information.

I am living in San Francisco, and I enjoy it here. If you find my blog useful or interesting, do let me know. Perhaps we can grab coffee together.

Technology Used

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Contact Me

I'd love to hear more about your ideas, your story, or your suggestions.